Reach Truck

Fork Lift Truck in Warehouse


A Reach Truck is commonly used in warehouses and large distribution centres for moving around pallets of stock in confined spaces. The Reach Truck differs from the standard Counterbalanced Fork Lift Truck because of the way it is constructed and used.

Reach Trucks usually operate in narrow aisles and can lift palletized goods to heights of 12 metres. They are mostly battery operated and although may differ slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer are basically the same. As with all mechanical handling aids, Reach Truck operators must be trained, tested and carry a current certificate of competence.



Novice – Operator with no or very little experience. 3 – 5 day duration depending on number of trainees.
Refresher – Certificated Operator in need of refreshing skills and knowledge – 1 day course.
Conversion – Certificated Operator wishing to convert to another type of lift truck – 1 to 2 days duration.
Experienced – Self taught operator with no official training or certification – 2 to 3 days.
Operator Assessment – A ½ day course to assess the ability of a companies’ FLT operators.




Novice 3 day  £450.00 + VAT 

Novice 5 day  £350.00 + VAT per person

Refresher and Conversion £90.00 + VAT per person per day.