David Barnes

Head of Training and Development Quantum

Ken provides well-structured, knowledgeable training sessions with the aim of the delegates to demonstrate competency within the given subject, it’s nice to see training courses with a blend of theory and practical learning as our staff at Quantum Pharmaceutical found this approach really useful as they felt this maximised there learning outcome.

I have personally found Ken to be very flexible with accommodating the business needs when planning and delivering the training and would fully recommend Ken to delivery Health and Safety training as he is a true professional putting the Customer needs first.


Name: Adam Brown

Job Title: QA Pharmacist/Superintendent Pharmacist

Course Title: Fire Warden Training

Feedback: The quality of the training was enormously valuable. The trainer was extremely experienced, well prepared and spoke well throughout. I gained a huge amount of knowledge from the training and from Ken in particular. The content was extremely well structured and in the event of a fire I feel I am well prepared.


Clarence Newton

Fire Warden

I completed a 2 day fire wardens course with Ken, I had already done this a couple of years before, however I found this course to be better than the first course I originally did. It was well presented and easier to understand yet very enjoyable, once again Ken explaining everything clear and very well.


First Aid

I did a 3 day first aid course, this is something I have always wanted to do and found it very interesting.
Jack explained everything in laymen’s terms and found very easy to understand, Jack is also a great instructor and I would recommend this course to anyone.